Executive Leadership / C-Suite

Acume is a powerful tool for executive leadership, as it provides actionable data into the training and development progress of employees across the organization.

Acume can help C-suite executives to understand the current skill level of their workforce, identify skill gaps that hinder organizational growth, and provide directions on targeted training programs needed to address those gaps.

Acume has proven to increase retention of training content by up to 80% and improve job performance by up to 25%. Measure results through automated progress tracking and real-time analytics.

Acume’s free course library allows employees to revisit and refresh their knowledge any number of times.

Increase retention by up to 80% through Acume’s interactive and engaging content.

Ability to track the progress and performance of employees, including completion rates, test scores, and overall performance, giving insights on the workforce's skill level and areas for improvement.

Identify skill gaps and create targeted training programs to address those gaps, resulting in a more skilled and capable workforce.

Monitor compliance and certifications, ensuring that all employees are up-to-date on the required training, reducing the risk of non-compliance and legal issues.

Review custom reports to track progress and measure the effectiveness of training programs and make adjustments as needed.

Integration with other HR systems for a more streamlined experience, giving a better overall view of the workforce's performance and development.

Ability to set training goals and objectives and measure the progress towards achieving them.

Improved employee retention and engagement, as employees are provided with opportunities for development and growth.

Performance boost across the board

Invest in the future of your organization with Acume and see improved performance and productivity across the organization, right from your senior leadership team to the entry level executive.