Team Managers

Acume provides a way for managers to track progress and performance of team members.

Managers can identify their team member’s skill gaps, create targeted training programs, monitor compliance and certifications, and create custom reports.

Acume works best for teams working physically together or remote teams spread across geographies.

Acume’s manager oriented features help in the success of the manager and an improvement of the team performance.

Some benefits for team managers include:

Ability to track the progress and performance of their team members, including completion rates, test scores, and overall performance.

Identify skill gaps and create targeted training programs to address those gaps, resulting in a more skilled and capable team.

Monitor compliance and certifications, ensuring that all team members are up-to-date on the required training.

Create custom reports to track progress and measure the effectiveness of training programs.

Manager 360 degree attention

Managers get a holistic understanding of the teams and individual performance

Employee skill enrichment

With regular manager feedback and skill upgradation, employee skill enrichment is guaranteed.

Acume is a game-changer when it comes to improving the all round performance and success of your team.